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Rumour has it she's hung like a horse.' 'I've never been with a horse,' Angie grinned, 'so I can't comment on that.' 'But she is hung? 'What about this stunning Indian neighbour everyone's jilling over; can you comment on her? Yes, she is stunning, but she's also innocent and very straight. I don't blame Billie at all.' She looked back at Dani in time to see her tilt her head, her eyes suddenly smouldering. Angie wasn't renowned for hesitating at moments like that.

And that's all I'm saying.' Angie crossed her fingers behind her back as she made that little statement. And she wasn't merely a bit curious; that girl was ready to take the next step or two, and big ones at that. For perhaps ten minutes Dani stopped overtly flirting and talked about herself. I couldn't possibly be out in better company than I am tonight.' 'I've made some good friends already,' Angie said, 'and you're right; Charlie and Billie are great to be with.' 'Those two are fun but I was referring to the youngest member of the crew.' Dani was staring intently at Angie as she spoke. Her very first female was in her thirties and all of her more recent ones were senior by a year or two. 'What about Ruby,' Angie said aloud, 'aren't you missing her? 'This is supposed to be your date with Billie, after all.' 'Let's just say open relationships are the order of the day. Blanking out the rest of the noisy, smoky and crowded pub, she kissed Dani. She had often been told she had amazingly soft lips but Dani's were softer still.

It was Friday night, seven o'clock and already busier by far than she'd ever seen. Meaning bars jam-packed with students of all ages, all of them out for a good time. Grinning, absolutely at home, she took in her surroundings.

Then again, she had only been at uni a week, and for Freshers' Week at that. Freddie Mercury was on the juke, expressing appreciation for fat bottomed girls. The pool table to her right was occupied by four girls (and yes, the one bending to take her shot was fat bottomed; but in a very alluring sort of a way). Somehow remembering she was supposed to be out on a date, Angie had a closer look at the Union Bar's most alluring (if unofficial) section.

Laughing, the four young women moved on to the next pub, where Angie caught up with Billie in the ladies'. And Dani, who has co-incidentally shagged with both Charlie and Ruby, is hot for you. 'Okay,' said Angie, 'you get her to agree to a one-off housewarming and I'll play along.' ***** Dani didn't need any persuading. Dad says it's not the best time to sell, but things are picking up. I'm not the marrying kind.' With the exception of the lounge, the house was furnished with what probably were antiques, and not well-preserved ones at that. 'Don't drink all the vino.' Chapter Three Angie was unfastening the buttons of Dani's man-like white shirt when she realized she hadn't a clue what was expected of her. So, she was very much judging Ruby by her appearance. Charlie's idea of a good time was to lay back and shout out encouragement. Giving her mind leave of absence, Angie kept on unfastening buttons.

Abandoning their pub crawl the girls called at an off licence for beer and wine then strolled to a detached house in one of the nicer parts of town. So I'm going to live here for two or three years, get massively qualified, and then sell up for squillions.' 'A landed woman,' said Billie, 'just what I've always wanted. To girls accustomed to halls and student flats it was, however, luxurious in the extreme. So far as she knew Dani had fucked with Ruby and Charlie . But classing her as an aggressive bitch was not exactly a long shot. Dani was three years older and more experienced; if she did anything wrong she'd protest, wouldn't she?

'Come and help me carry them, Danielle.' Angie shot Charlie a glance as she sat. ' Charlie pretended to check under the table before replying. They've taken him out to a general ward, left him at the mercy of the nurses.

'If you're referring to Ruby, she has had a family crisis. Apparently he's recovering and as happy as a pig in shit.' 'What a quaint turn of phrase,' said Angie.

'Yuk you two,' Charlie's voice cut in, 'get a room! She might arrive home at any minute.' 'Dani's got a house,' Billie replied smoothly. ' 'Yes,' said Charlie, jumping in before Billie could delay proceedings.

Every last one of the video games was noisily in use, mostly by spotty-faced males, intent on zapping aliens. More second and third years reclaiming their territory, she concluded. Crikey, Billie was there, chatting with Charlie and that big-busted blonde from LGBT.

Girl-power ruled as far as the darts boards were concerned and there seemed to be a lot of serious scoring going on. Composing herself, Angie approached her friends' table.

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