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Kitty joined the X-Men, and assumed the costumed identity of Sprite.

Early in her career as an X-Man, Kitty's adult self from an alternate future took possession of her body in the present to help X-Men thwart the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly by the second Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Kitty started to have headaches at age thirteen, headaches which signaled the emergence of her mutant powers.

She was approached by both the X-Men's Charles Xavier and the Hellfire Club's White Queen, Emma Frost, both of whom hoped to recruit her for their respective causes.

Colossus developed feelings for an alien woman named Zsaji whom he met on the Beyonder's planet in the first Secret Wars.

Colossus' feelings toward Zsaji were primarily a side effect of her own unique healing abilities, which she had used on him after he became injured.

Kitty convinced Professor Xavier to allow her to remain a full member of the X-Men on the basis of her high intelligence, maturity, and the fact that she was already a fully-trained member of the team.

Kitty was later abducted by the Morlocks and was almost forced to wed Caliban.

Their conversation was cut short, however, when they (along with Wolverine and Colossus) were attacked by armored mercenaries in the employ of Frost and the Hellfire Club.

She was then abducted by the White Queen, but rescued by the New Mutants.

During this time, Kitty began to "date" Colossus, but this did not last long.

The White Queen appeared to perish in the battle, which meant she was no longer competing with Xavier for the approval of Kitty's parents.

Unfortunately, Kitty's parents hadn't heard from her in more than a day, because during that time she was first being pursued by the Hellfire Club's men and then working with the X-Men to save their friends.