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You know, answer some questions selecting your answers from the drop-down menus and all of a sudden, your points total appears at the foot of the page.
In a 2014 Daily Beast article, she says her son is now 12 and doing okay: "Evan's amazing,...

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Gives you instantaneous read-outs of air/fuel ratios from 17:1 to 10.5:1 and indicates maximum power ratios.

Four color display is easily read in direct sunlight and at night. Your significant other will cheat on you but this gauge will never lie!

Engineers at Ford say they spend two years just perfecting tip-in or initial throttle openings. "The Man" will be sniffing your butt and planting microchips and gps modules up your ass so they can mail you a speeding ticket and keep track of your movements.

They already have data recorders on your car so they know what you were doing when the biggie happened. Monitor your engine to get the most out of it before the NSA monitors your tail pipe. Not a gauge, but a precision tool that will tell you exactly what your engine is doing in real-time.

You must specify the year of your motorcycle when ordering the RSR Dual O2 Gauge.

Our RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauge is the best investment you can make for monitoring and optimizing your engine tune.The gauges have a center back mount 5/16" x 18 x 1/2" Stainless Socket Head Cap Screw and stainless lock washer.You can fab your own bracket for this or use the 06-1025 hard anodized Billet Mount System for either 1.00" or 1.25" handlebars .95.Select the hottest Porn Movies of your favorite kind! Not using free exhaust energy to help your engine breathe is downright criminal. When you order a complete LSR 2-1 exhaust with the RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauge and The TTS Master Tune there is a .00 discount on the total price.Best do real world data recording with the TTS while you ride and then evauate, in real time, your map with the RSR mili-second fast RSR Fuel Ratio Gauge.