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Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan have kicked Al Jazeera bureaus out of their countries.Saudi Arabia has also banned hotels from offering the channel.[Could the Persian Gulf rift mean the beginning of the end of Al Jazeera?] Al Jazeera Arabic (which is run separately from Al Jazeera English) has also got a reputation for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.It sent reporters to the Israeli Knesset and aired debates live.During the 2008 war in Gaza, Al Jazeera had more reporters on the ground than anyone else, and it was the only station with live coverage.Now an official says they've compiled a list aimed at ending the worst Gulf Arab crisis in years, but only if Qatar complies.

“Many Arab governments would prefer Al Jazeera to simply disappear.” The latest diplomatic kerfuffle has some of the station’s reporters worried that that is what is going to happen.It taught the region’s leaders something else, too: that they might well lose their death grip on the information their populations were able to consume. in 1996.” Since then, the country has poured billions into the network.As Shibley Telhami, who wrote a book on Arab media, explained, “this simultaneous sense of inspiration and threat is likely what inspired the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, to start Al Jazeera . Thani had come to power only a year before, and he faced fierce criticism from the Saudi-run newspapers.They also developed a satellite station, MBC, intended for a broad audience.That never quite caught on, but it did show would-be moguls the potential of pan-Arabic media.(It was so effective that Nasser’s political opponents in Saudi Arabia jammed the station.