People updating ps3 using memory stick

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Video views not updating

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You’re not delivering your content to the right audience You may be under the impression that sharing your video across a few social media sites will earn you a ton of views. Once your friends have watched your video, it will get buried in their Twitter and Facebook feeds never to be seen again.

If you’re lucky, your friends might give your video a few hundred views. What if you want to build a solid fan base for your video content?

That led Pew Die Pie to claim he would delete his channel in protest over the issue once it hit 50 million subscribers — before revealing that it was all a joke.

If you produce videos and upload them to You Tube, you’ve no doubt shared your content across social media, sat back and waited for the views to roll in.

Doing this on your own, however, isn’t an easy task.

Specific tags are one-word keywords that represent the subject of your video—pretty straightforward.

Compound tags are multiple-word tags, but leave out words like “of,” “in,” “and,” etc. Also include generic tags like how-to, tutorial or vlog if applicable.

How do you get your video onto sites that gamers frequent? You can use the Viral Gains platform to serve your videos to relevant, highly targeted individuals (in this case video gamers) who are going to love and share your content with friends.

This will boost your presence amongst the gaming community and help you to develop a dedicated following.3.