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I own an old line Buck-Breay type terrier who works on the only legal quarry we can hunt here in England - Yes its Rats, such a shame!

Shes got a great nose and is an excellent finder and bushing dog - will flush anything with legs.

I'll keep you posted Craig and forward pics of Roxy. Anyone looking for a smart confident dog which all have workers in their peds, I feel confident that you coud stop your search here and buy one of these J&J Patterdales and never look back. He is a honest guy and has done everything he said he would do and sent me everything he said he would! Kids love him to death thanks guys will send you some pictures soon. Would not hunt probably just would like as a lap dog but realize they need to be active.She also dominates my 45kg male Rhodesian Ridgeback.Great to see your patterdales performing their true function in life ( Hunting ) on a variety of game also - long may it reign. I have finished these guys pedigrees, it went smoothly.There is usally a strong representation within the working lakeland terrier classes also.How do your smooth coated dogs take to colder climates?Never had such a good time buying a dog from anyone. I am looking forward to doing business with these folks again. ...sincerley Tim and Erica Name: Rick Cole Email: [email protected]: Monday, 18 June 2007 GREAT SITE, I LOVE YOUR DOGS!!!