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Mennonites and dating

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Are there major conflicts that occur within your tradition? Not only so, but the whole “emergent” issue continues to create divisions and controversy in our movement.

Interestingly enough, those who are more Anabaptist in their theology and ethos, tend to be more open to emerging church authors and issues.

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Essentially, I grew up Mennonite Brethren but not Anabaptist. From John: Could you give an overview of the different sub-denominations within Anabaptism?

How united are Anabaptists in theology, faith, and practice? But unlike many churches that have their roots in Christendom, we Anabaptists are “non-creedal.” For us, the New Testament and the peace witness of the early church serve as our center.

Because of this, our movements have held many common characteristics such as – believer’s baptism, the priesthood of all believers / the church, nonviolence, interpret Paul through Jesus rather than Jesus through Paul, non-hierarchal leadership, and the kingdom of God as a counterculture – but we’ve never had any authoritative creeds to unite us. Today, many Anabaptist groups exist in North America and beyond.

All of them reflect the values listed above (at least in theory), but express them in their own way. I’ve never met an Amish person and they are as foreign to my experience as they might be to a Baptist or Methodist.

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Basically, I grew up in an environment that felt like straight-laced evangelicalism with a unique ethnic culture (Mennonites are known for their food and quilts).

I hope you will consider subscribing to Kurt’s Pangea Blog; there’s some great stuff there. If so, did you ever go through a time where you questioned your faith and explored other options? I can trace both sides of my family tree to the MB movement that fled persecution during the late 1800’s.

If you were not raised Mennonite, what caused you to consider that tradition and eventually subscribe to it? Yes, I was raised “Mennonite.” Actually, I’m part of an offshoot group called the Mennonite Brethren. My Great Grandpa Penner boarded a ship in the dark of night to find a new home that would be hospitable to their way of life. So, yes, I was raised Mennonite, but here’s where things get interesting… Two distinctive convictions that shaped the Anabaptist (broad Mennonite tradition from the radical reformationperiod) way include: 1) nonviolence and 2) suspicion of earthly governments (nationalism).

Kurt is writer and pastor who is preparing for church planting by finishing work towards a Master of Divinity degree at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary.

He’s a contributing writer for Red Letter Christians, and has also written for The Ooze, Emergent Village, and Sojourners.