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He said: 'I was a bit depressed by the end of this one.'If you scream into the wind for 14 hours you'll feel insane for at least another seven after that, it will take a while to calm down.''If you do this kind of material, that's as bleak as this, I don't want to say the mood on the set was sombre, Yorgos creates an environment that's quite calm, more quiet than any other film set I've worked on, but it's just the tone of the character.'We shot quite a lot of it in continuity so the story unfolded in you and by the end of it there's a fairly bleak choice that has to be made, and the onus was on my character to make that choice so you bring a little bit of it home with you.'Asked how he coped with the subject matter, he said: 'I smoked many cigarettes at 3 or 4 in the morning in my pyjamas outside the hotel in Cincinnati.'Literally I would come out of the hotel and go down this little lane down the side of the hotel to have a cigarette in my pjs and slippers.'More than 30 women have now come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein, the man once described as 'God' of the film industry.

The accusations, including from some of the world's most famous actresses, range from inappropriate massages to rape.

But I didn't want to live." How did he get his belief back as a human being, not as a movie star?

Colin Farrell strolls into the hotel suite, grimacing as he sips from a glass of disgusting-looking green liquid.

"You have a relationship with your audience as an actor, whether you're in a theatre or in film or on television." I ask Colin what was his relationship like with himself at that time.

He said in a 2009 interview in GQ magazine looking back on the deeply troubled period after Miami Vice and Alexander: "I didn't want to die.

More than that, the young Brando from Castleknock - whose illustrious career was unravelling in front of the eyes of the world - hatched a plan, as he told the New York Times last week, to deal with the public humiliation: he not only got blind drunk, but he put on a ski mask so that no one would recognise him.

"Where can I wear a ski mask and not actually be put against the wall by a bunch of SWAT cops?