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Möödunud sajandi 60ndatel tehti algust soolaväljade lähedale uue ja uhke elamurajooni ehitamisega, mis sai nimeks Las Americas ja mille järgi hakatigi piirkonda kutsuma Playa de Las Americaseks.

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Domestic tourists, same-day visitors, and people in transit (such as cruise passengers) are excluded from the ranking.The number of visitors for 2017 is accurate up until September of 2017, although the ranking is based on projections through the year end.Therefore, we can now see that these spruces have begun to straighten themselves out.There is also evidence that spruces are the species that can best give us insight about climate change.The ability of spruces to survive harsh conditions also presents other questions for researchers.

"My research indicates that spruces have spent winters in places west or southwest of Norway where the climate was not as harsh in order to later quickly spread northerly along the ice-free coastal strip," says Leif Kullman.

But it's also a great time to look back, and that's why we rounded up the most visited places of 2017.

In order to do so, we relied on data compiled by market research provider Euromonitor International.

"In some way they have also successfully found their way to the Swedish mountains." The study has been carried out in cooperation with the County Administrative Boards in Jämtland and Dalarna.

Scientists expect trees will advance upslope as global temperatures increase, shifting the tree line—the mountain zone where trees become smaller and eventually stop growing—to higher elevations.