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Consolidating emotions and logic

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Her whole nature seemed sharpened and intensified into a pure dart of hate.

[...] the most poignant and ultimate hatred, pure and clear and beyond thought.” Her hate is “gem-like,” “a diamond” (198).

Later, “in the stress of her violent emotion,” she feels a “flame,” a “flash” of anger running through her and her eyes are “blazing like a tiger’s”(197).

Flower and gem images, as the two extreme metaphorical expressions of Ursula’s emotions are the “fleur ouverte” and “coquillage clos” images that correspond to the “jouissance florale” or “frigidité impénétrable” quoted by Kristeva concerning Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings of flowers and oysters as representative of woman (Kristeva 150)Unlike Ursula, Hermione’s love emotion consistently combines with hate and anger, and is characterized by images of dissolution, decentralization and darkness.

To quote Julia Kristeva—“ Il n’y a pas langage d’homme d’un côté et langage de femme de l’autre, raison d’homme d’un côté, raison de femme de l’autre [...] mais “coprésence de la sexualité et de la pensée,” (Kristeva 196-197) a kind of mental bisexuality.

Indeed, a close textual analysis of emotions and their expression in the novel does not give evidence of gender differences but rather of universal human emotions and conflicting illogical patterns of emotions that help the characters to make vital decisions through a complicated process, an emotional reasoning that works differently from deductive reasoning and could therefore be called “illogical logic,” that is, contradicting or disregarding the principles of logic, not following logical principles or reasoning.

[...] it appears that the consistent gender differences in the emotion stereotype literature are based on beliefs about the expression of emotion more than they are on beliefs about the emotional experience.

It seems there is a common emotional experience, a common logic of emotion, even if faulty or illogical, that leads characters to rationalization and decision-making, whether male or female, hinting at a certain bisexual logic of emotions, something akin to the co-existence of sexuality and thought.

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The best example involving Hermione is her anger at Birkin in the lapis lazuli paperweight scene.But the woman’s logic of emotion is no less real and inexorable than the man’s logic of reason.It only works differently.[...] Whereas men are fools.Of course, we only have textual emotions in the novel, that is, the verbalization of emotions by an author.This author is also using “a lexical and grammatical grid,” “provided by his native language” and thus “available to the speakers” of this language (to quote Anna Wierzbicka), so that what emerges from this study is an individual voice expressing universal emotions in a language shared by many others.Logic is the study of the principles of deductive reasoning and can be considered as a valid system, or mode of reasoning.